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All about Harry - Part 3

For now we’ll let Harry, our up-and-coming polo star, park his bike and let us focus instead on advancing your shooting.  This is about your shooting, not the guy’s shooting standing next to you in the queue for stand 4 whose tricked-up Perazzi you’ve just noticed. Nor is it the guy telling an already hard-pressed picker-up that there’s “a few” partridges down “somewhere along” that far-off hedgerow. (The picker-up’s the one without the 20 bore, trying not to telegraph bod...

March 9, 2020

All about Harry - Part 2

Gathering opinion suggests that to get to the top, you now have to indulge your shooting as more or less a job-of-work. Fine if you have the time, fine if you have got the backing to do so, but what about the rest of us? Is there a way through?...

January 13, 2020

All about Harry - Part 1

Just what does it take to become a great shot? Being gifted to begin with? Hard work? Never giving up? Well, no doubt success is about all of that and more, plus one other essential ingredient — time. Now, what can Harry show us?...

November 20, 2019

The gun advantage

Can a shotgun be made to give more? The subject of gun advantage is a productive one, and worth understanding if your aim is to improve. Get it right and the gain to your shooting can be significant. Mike Smith delves into this fascinating subject....

June 12, 2019

Looking for a different key

For some, frustration with shooting performance is an all too familiar experience, says Mike Smith. A lot of help is out there, but so much of it simply fails. The key just could be to look at your shooting process differently....

May 26, 2019

Unlocking potential - fitting the whole gun

As Mike Smith discusses, modern methods of production now bring that quality shotgun within the reach of many more shooters. Options to build precisely what you want in to a top end gun opens up the prospect of tapping into another level of gun fitting – whole gun fitting offers to tune-in to individual shooting potential by advancing fitting toward a deeper understanding of exactly what it is that a gun actually contributes to the process of shooting shot after shot....

April 16, 2019

Where's the catch?

The safety catch is common to all those who shoot game, but how is it used correctly? Who decides what’s right and wrong when it comes to safe gun handling. Mike Smith looks for answers.When does a point of view become a rule? The former can be flexible and shift in response to reasoning or new information – perhaps. A rule is characterised by certainty and applied rigorously. When it comes to the use of safety catches in shooting you’d think it straightforward, but it appears there is som...

March 11, 2019

Our little flight pond

A corner of West Sussex’s Lower Weald keeps a secret - a small gem that yields both sporting value and genuine wonder in a modern countryside where such things are increasingly rare. Mike Smith tells us all about it....

February 19, 2019

Flight of the Easterling

Coming a poor second to a pugnacious wren, a disappointing flight doesn’t end well for Mike Smith, but then something very special begins – magic happens. Diminutive, shy and inclined to caution, she none the less started it! The sight of the little wren, affronted and little more than an arm’s length away, shrilly protesting my presence, was so overwhelmingly engaging that my one chance of a shot was lost. A single mallard drake had chattered close, seeking the echoed reass...

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