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"Not only is Mike an amazing teacher, but he also makes the whole journey so much fun and such an escape!"

Our location

The Glenzier Shooting School is located on the Sussex & Surrey border and 10 minutes from the A3. We are ideally located for those travelling from London and around the South East. The shooting ground at Whithorn has been run by Mike Smith for 20 years and offers teaching facilities for lessons and gun fitting.

Our School

Glenzier Shooting School offers shooting and gun fitting. We support the novice to the experienced shots, offering services to meet each of your needs with the level of expertise required for you to enjoy and improve on your sport.

Mike is a qualified teacher and one of the best instructors there is; specialising in eye dominance and gun fitting he helps novices to experienced shots progress and improve and is renowned for this work with young shots.  The shooting ground provides targets for all levels whilst incorporating training facilities for those looking to learn more about each aspect of the industry.

Just for you

Whether you are looking for a shooting lesson, a gun fit or just would like to enjoy some clay shooting, book in with us and appreciate the pleasure of time, dedicated to you, in a beautiful wooded valley.  This is a private shooting school offering shooting and gun fitting, by appointment only, giving you the time and privacy to concentrate and enjoy.

Fit for Cue

Why is a shot taken precisely when it is? Fitting For Cue aims for the answers and to build favoured or preferential cues into the actual hardware of a shotgun. Shooting skills improve when there isRead more

Fit for purpose

“The gun is the essential link between the man and the kind of sport he pursues. It is not enough that it should be well adapted to one or the other. For the best success it must be fully adaptedRead more

Fit for comfort

Chris Cradock, one of our great commentators on shotgun shooting, once said of recoil and efforts to fix it: “(is)...a real problem for many. Some sufferers simply give up shooting. Others, moreRead more

Gun fitting for accuracy

“If a gun could now be moulded to that attitude, it would conform to the principle of minimum adaptation: it would be that person’s natural gunstock, not dependent on the acquisition of any speciRead more

Fit - fit for what?

Even in this information-enriched age there’s generally little widely know about the process behind fitting a shotgun? Evolving historically from the rather secretive world of gun-makers, gun fittiRead more

All about Harry - Part 3

For now we’ll let Harry, our up-and-coming polo star, park his bike and let us focus instead on advancing your shooting.  This is about your shooting, not the guy’s shooting standing next toRead more

All about Harry - Part 2

Gathering opinion suggests that to get to the top, you now have to indulge your shooting as more or less a job-of-work. Fine if you have the time, fine if you have got the backing to do so, but whatRead more

All about Harry - Part 1

Just what does it take to become a great shot? Being gifted to begin with? Hard work? Never giving up? Well, no doubt success is about all of that and more, plus one other essential ingredient —Read more

The gun advantage

Can a shotgun be made to give more? The subject of gun advantage is a productive one, and worth understanding if your aim is to improve. Get it right and the gain to your shooting can be significant.Read more

Looking for a different key

For some, frustration with shooting performance is an all too familiar experience, says Mike Smith. A lot of help is out there, but so much of it simply fails. The key just could be to look at yourRead more

Unlocking potential - fitting the whole gun

As Mike Smith discusses, modern methods of production now bring that quality shotgun within the reach of many more shooters. Options to build precisely what you want in to a top end gun opens up theRead more

Where's the catch?

The safety catch is common to all those who shoot game, but how is it used correctly? Who decides what’s right and wrong when it comes to safe gun handling. Mike Smith looks for answers. When doesRead more

Why fitting is important

Fitting both aids your shooting and makes it a more natural and comfortable sport to enjoy.

Get it right

Compromise the quality of your gun fit and you compromise the quality of your shooting.

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