Gun fitting by Mike Smith

Whilst it is true to say that sportsmen and women of every generation have demanded everything their shotguns could give, today, as probably never before, we demand the most. As sporting shooters our desire is absolute: our guns must shoot further, better and harder than ever.

To achieve this requires both determination and a gun that not only fits, but is designed with your personal shooting style in mind. The gun fitting by Mike Smith is as individual as you are; understanding the reasons why your gun is modified is an essential part of your enhanced shooting with it.

Gun fitting
Gun fitting

Don't compromise on quality

Book gun fitting by Mike Smith

Your gun fit is provided with a written report explaining your fitting and how it works with your style of shooting.

Please contact us to book gun fitting by Mike Smith and allow 2-3 hours in the shooting ground with Mike. This includes time for measuring and the report follows on email.The price for your gun fit is £350 plus the clays and cartridges that you use as part of the process.

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'The gun is the essential link between the man and the kind of sport he pursues. It is not enough that it should be well adapted to one or the other; for the best success, it must be fully adapted to both.'

Gough Thomas

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